Best Ways To Develop A Deep Husky Voice – How Can I Get A Husky Voice Like Miley Cyrus?

Best Ways To Develop A Deep Husky Voice – How Can I Get A Husky Voice Like Miley Cyrus?

When you visit most online forums which discuss voice quality and vocal range issues, you will always find question such as: how can I get a husky voice like Miley Cyrus. I mean, not only Miley Cyrus has a husky voice, there are many other stars in Hollywood who have such great voices and many people really love the way they sound and would want to also sound like them.

Well, if you want to transform your voice and make it a little bit deeper, then there are actually things you can do about that. As you might already know, your voice tone is not permanent. Here is a formula that describes the quality of your voice: “Voice Quality = vocal tract configuration + laryngeal anatomy + learned component”. So this means that you can always learn and somehow alter your voice quality.

But before we go into the Best Ways to Develop a Deep Husky Voice, let’s answer this question: why is it so important to have a deep or husky voice tone? Why do people in our society today more than ever want to transform the quality of their voice? The answer to this is really simple and obvious. Over the years, it has been discovered that people who have deep voices have some distinct advantages over people with normal or high-pitched voices. Other people usually unconsciously judge you according to the sound of your voice and the deeper the sound is, the more respect, admiration and attention they will give to you. A deep voice for example can come very handy during a date or at work where you want to get some attention or respect.

So now that you know all the advantages that this kind of voice can offer, you should want to know what you can do to get such a voice right. So what’s the best way to get a deep and husky voice tone? Well there are some few things you can do, but whatever method you choose, just make sure it is safe and does not have side effects.

It is as simple as this: Voice deepening has to do with where the breath is coming from. You can change your voice tone when you talk form your abdomen. So the Best Ways to Develop a Deep Husky Voice is that you learn to take in deep and long breaths when talking. Also make sure you talk slowly and steadily. And don’t talk form your nose, but talk form your chest. Techniques such as posture, articulation, neck muscle strengthening exercises will also help deepen your voice tone.

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