How To Deepen Your Voice As A Rapper

How To Deepen Your Voice As A Rapper

There are many reasons someone would want to deepen their voice. Rappers for example have to have a good sounding raspy/deep voice. Such a voice tone can help them on many different fronts including being taken more seriously, and being admired by their fans. A deep voice will also give rappers the confidence they might need to take on this very competitive and tricky rap music industry.

If you really want to succeed as a rapper, a high quality voice is one of those things you should consider investing some of your time and money. A deep voice quality is not only necessary for rappers. Actors, journalist and reporters all need such a voice quality. In fact in the entire show business world, a good voice quality has always made a positive difference. That probably explains why more man more people in the world today have been trying to deepen their voice.

How can you deepen your rap/singing voice?

To say the least, there is no special voice deepening tips which only applies to rappers. What can deepen your speaking voice should also deepen your rap/singing voice and make it sound sexy and good to listen. There are many effective deep voice training tips you can use to transform your voice tone, however whatever you do, make sure you only use safe methods. Most of these methods recommended online might cause more harm to your voice than good. Never drink a lot of alcohol or smoke a lot of cigarettes just because you want to deepen your voice. You can do a little bit of scream signing but then do not over do it as it might have a negative effect on your vocal cords.

Transform your rap voice quality

If you want to know some few things you can do so as to transform your voice quality – maybe so you can rap better or maybe to get more dates or just sound good when you talk with your friend; here are some few things you can do to make that happen. Make sure you have enough patience and persist, since your voice will usually take time to change.

To deepen your voice, try the following:

1- Always drink water,

2-Always talk from your abdomen,

3- Eat foods that build up mucus in your throat like milk or chocolate.

4- You should avoid milk and chocolate on those days that you have to record

5- Also make sure you do neck exercises so as to strengthen your neck muscles

6- From time to time you can scream sing along heavy metal songs. But do not overdo this since it might be counterproductive and abuse your voice instead.

There are many more deep voice training tips and with a little bit of search on this website you will be able to fine some of them, however you can go ahead and try the ones above and see how they work for you. For voice deepening, you can also visit a professional voice coach. It is true that some of these voice coaches can really be expensive and out of your budget. That is why I can propose the nest best thing: Deep Voice Training Programs. There a lot of online guides which have professional voice training tips that you can use to naturally improve your voice quality and be taken more seriously as a rapper.

Do you want to discover some few, simple voice box and vocal cord exercises you can do for only 3 to 5 minutes each day that will totally transform your rap/signing/speaking voice to a deep, strong and attractive voice? If yes, then I recommend you get a copy of the Deep Voice Mastery Manual.

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