How To Get A Sexy Husky Voice – 4 Things You Can Do To Get That Deep, Strong Sexy Husky Voice

How To Get A Sexy Husky Voice – 4 Things You Can Do To Get That Deep, Strong Sexy Husky Voice

It has been noticed over the years that most people don’t like the way they sound when they talk. This is very disturbing since your voice is a tool you use almost all the time. If you are not satisfied with your voice tone, you might become stressed and lack the self confidence needed to handle the daily challenges life has to offer. Also, your voice tone says a lot about you and like it or not, people will always use it to judge what kind of person you are, or how you are feeling at a given point in time. That is why more and more people want to get a sexy husky voice. – Such voices have proven to command more respect and admiration.

How can you get a husky sexy voice

But just how can you get a husky sexy voice? Is there any way you can change your voice tone and make it more attractive? Well this is puzzle to so many and though many people say you can do little to change your voice tone, many people have actually transformed their high-pitched squeaky voices and made it more attractive and sexy. The secret here is to use the correct methods and follow the right deep voice training principles to achieve this goal.

It is a simple as this: If you were born with an over sized Adams apple then you will naturally get a deep, strong and sexy voice tone. And that is hereditary. Sadly enough, not everyone was born with a big Adams apple, so not everyone has a deep voice tone. However there are some things you can do to develop a deep strong and sexy husky voice, some of which I list below:

Things you can do to develop a deep strong and sexy husky voice

- Breathing deep: deep breathing is one of the most important tips on how to get a sexy husky voice. Without enough air in your lungs, your voice will always sound squeaky and high pitched. So make it a habit to take long breaths when talking or singing.

- Posture: Your posture also has a lot to do as far as your voice pitch is concerned. You can test various postures and adapt the best that that gives you a husky tone.

- Not talking from your nose: You might already know that your voice will sound really high-pitched and squeaky when you talk from your nose right? So don’t talk form your nose. Always try to talk form your chest/abdomen as it give better quality to your voice tone.

- Talking form your chest is such an important tip for controlling your voice quality. You also have tips such as better articulation (ding dong… King kong) and performing neck exercise to strengthen your neck muscles.

Using professional help to get a sexy husky voice

There are many more exercises like these that you can get online to help you improve your voice tone and quality. There is even an option to visit a professional voice coach. Even though most of these voice coaches are expensive, if your voice is really giving that much trouble in life, then the results might justify the cost. There is also a great cheaper option of getting professional help: Deep voice training programs that sell online. One that we recommend is this one by Rudy Haynes called the Deep Voice Mastery Guide.

Do you want to discover some few, simple Voice Box and Vocal Cord Exercises you can do for only 3 to 5 minutes daily that will completely transform your voice to a deep, strong and extremely sexy voice? If yes, then I propose you download a copy of the Deep Voice Mastery Book.

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