How To Get Rid Of A Squeaky Shy Voice

How To Get Rid Of A Squeaky Shy Voice

As you might already know, your voice usually says a lot about you. Like it or not, other people will always use your voice tone to judge what kind of a person you are. Squeaky voices are usually attributed to lack of confidence and shyness, while deep, strong and sexy voices are attributed to authority, confidence and control. That is why more and more people in the world today want to learn the best and effective tips on how to deepen their squeaky voices and make it more appealing and more attractive, especially to the opposite sex. (yes it is no news: women love guys with deep voices)

How can you Get Rid of a Squeaky Shy Voice?

Can you really cure a high-pitched voice? Are there any good tips and tricks on How to get rid of a Squeaky Shy Voice? This is a question so many people ask, and in this article I will talk a little bit about it. Of course you can do something to change the way your voice sounds. Your voice tone/quality is not permanent as you can see from this voice quality formula: “Voice Quality = vocal tract configuration + laryngeal anatomy + learned component“.

As you can see, your voice quality has something to do with “learned components” and if you capitalize on those, you can always get rid of your high-pitched voice and make your voice lower and more attractive.

Tips on how to deepen that high pitched squeaky voice

There are some few tips and tricks on How to get rid of a Squeaky Shy Voice that you can read on the internet. Some of them might work and some of them might not work, however whatever methods you choose to use, always make user it is safe and will not course any side effects on your voice box.

Here are some few of these deep voice training tips that you can use in trying to deepen your high-pitched voice.

1- One exercise that you could do To Get Rid of a Squeaky Shy Voice is to croak (not sing) a very low pitch for a moment or two and then to speak.

2- A smooth, deep baritone voice can also be achieved through humming. Humming a lot has proven to be an effective deep voice training method.

3- Also, age will help a little. Relaxing and doing theatre exercises will help deepen your voice too.

4- Voice deepening has to do with where the breath is coming from. Always speak from your abdomen and not form your nose. Talk long deep breaths when talking.

Now you know some few tips that can help you improve your voice quality. There are many more online tips and tricks that can help you out. Some of them are crazy and will entail that you abuse yourself by drinking a lot of alcohol and smoking a lot of cigarettes, but stay away from such practices.

Use professional methods to get rid of your squeaky shy voice

If you want to use more tested and accepted approaches to get rid of your squeaky shy voice, then the best options will no doubt be to get professional help. When I talk of professional help, I mean you visit a voice coach. But most of these voice coaches are too expensive and many people just can’t afford them. That is why I will propose the next best thing – Online voice training programs.

Most of these professional voice coaches have online voice training versions of their programs which are significantly cheaper than what they charge for regular visits. In fact the cost of a whole online training program is usually cheaper than the cost of 1 visit with a voice coach. So it is definitely the best thing to do, if you can’t afford to book time to see a voice coach.

The online voice training program I will recommend you try out is this one prepared by Rudy Haynes called The Deep Voice Mastery. It is a great program that has helped so many people in the past. And the exercises are easy to do and can be done by anyone with or without will-power.

Click on this link ==> Deep Voice Mastery Review, to read more about this guide.

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