How To Lose Your Girly Gay Voice And Make It Deeper

How To Lose Your Girly Gay Voice And Make It Deeper

If you have a high-pitched squeaky voice that you feel it is affecting your enjoyment of life, then you should do what you can to lose it. Losing your girly gay voice or making it deeper might be a difficult thing to do, however it is possible if you use the right techniques and follow the correct recommendations. To make this happen, you have to be consistent in what you are doing, and give it some time to work out well for you. Your voice can’t change overnight so always give it time to work.

Online ways to lose a giry voice

There is so much voice deepening help you can get around the web. There are even deep voice training guides which sell online that can help you as much as you can with your voice tone. Most of these programs are developed by voice coaches who want to reach a wider audience with their business. The good thing about these online deep voice training programs is that they are always significantly cheaper than offline versions of the programs.

Offline ways to lose a giry voice

There are also offline voice coaches who train speaking voices. Even though some of these coaches are really expensive, if you think your voice is giving you trouble, and hindering you from living life to its fullest, then you can consider paying to improve it. However, in this article, I have some few tips and tricks that will teach you how to lose a girly gay voice and make it deeper, and sound strong, sexy and timber. Before we go further, you should know something about your voice, and this formula can explain so much: “Voice Quality = vocal tract configuration + laryngeal anatomy + learned component”

So this means that learned components makes up to an extent, the quality of your voice, and that is what you have control over. With that said, I’ll list a number of techniques you can use to naturally transform your voice tone and make it to sound deeper and sexier:

3 tips on how to lose your girly gay voice and make it deeper

1. The first deep voice training technique I will list is breathing deep, so that your sides and belly expand. Many people who talk with a squeaky voice is as a result of breathing shallow. You have to take long and deep breaths so that your chest can easily press out your voice.

2. Second tip on How to Lose Your Girly Gay Voice and Make It Deeper is dropping your larynx. You might identify the feeling as “opening the throat” but the larynx will physically drop so there’s no doubt about it. This seems to be the most important one, so here are some ways to do this exercise:

- Keep your mouth closed an “open your throat” keeping your hand on your larynx to test. There is depressor muscles that have to push down that might have not ever been used so it might be tough going for a bit. Keep at it. Breathe in while making the shape that produces “Haw” with your mouth and throat.

3. Another thing you can do to lose your girly gay voice and make it deeper, is that you talk form your chest, not your nose. Posture and articulation also helps.

Lose your girly high-pitched voice with a deep voice training guide

Voice deepening has become so huge – that is why you can fine so many programs and guides out there which can teach you how to improve your voice. Most of these guides have professional tips and tricks and most of them (entire program) are cheaper than one visit to a voice coach!

If you have a girly voice that you want to get rid of, but do not have the money to go to a voice coach, then the next best thing you can do is to get a deep voice training guide. The guide that I like and think is more effective is this one called the deep voice mastery. Do you want to discover some few, down-to-earth voice box and vocal cord exercises you can do for only 3 to 5 minutes daily which will completely transform your girly voice and make it deep, strong and really attractive? If so, then you need to use this deep voice training guide.

Follow this link: Deep Voice Mastery Guide, to read more about this program and see how it has been helping tens of thousands of people around the world.

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