Masculine Voice – How To Make Your Voice More Masculine

Masculine Voice – How To Make Your Voice More Masculine

There is no doubt that a deep, strong masculine voice is really hot and women love their men to have such a voice. No doubt there has always been this mad-rush of people who want to change the way they sound (improve their voice quality). The best way to improve the quality your voice is to deepen it and make it a little bit raspy or timber. There are so many ways/techniques you can use to make this happen and in this article I will give you some of them.

An over sized Adams apple means a better masculine voice

If you were born with an over sized Adams apple, then you will naturally get a deep strong and sexy masculine voice tone! That would mean you inherited that voice quality, and you should thank your parents for that :) . However not everyone is lucky to be born with such a voice quality. This does not however mean that they will get stocked with a high-pitched voice. If your voice is normal and not affecting the way you live your life, then there is no need in trying to deepen it – not even if you just want to show off! On the other hand, if you have passed puberty and your voice quality is still bad (squeaky and high pitched) then there are always things you can do to change and improve it. But you need to follow the correct tips and tricks for doing this. As said above, this article will give you some few and effective tips on how to make your voice more masculine and sounding better and really good to listen to.

Deep voice training tips for a more masculine voice tone

1- First off, if you want to have a stronger and more appealing masculine voice, you should always speak slowly, speak softly, don’t talk through your nose, Exhale slowly while you are speaking and never should you underestimate the power of speaking softly and steadily. Also your posture has a lot to do with your voice tone. Make sure you also strengthen your neck muscles with effective neck exercises.

2- There is also this great and effective deep voice training exercise that can give you that good masculine voice you have always wanted to have and here we go:

- Talking with a masculine voice is nothing but a breathing game!
- Take a full breath and fill your lungs fully
- Hold that breathe for some time in there.
- Then, from your lowest pitch, breathe out loudly with a slow speed saying ha ha ha ha, and make sure it’s only heard as HA.
-Do this exercise everyday for twenty minutes or so.

You should also know that there are many more tips out there (on this website too) which you can use to get to the voice quality you want. There are also voice training programs out there which you can download and follow professional recommendations in them. So if these tips, for some reason do not work for you, you should try out other deep voice training methods to get that masculine voice tone you have always wanted to have. And remember if you have not yet hit puberty, just wait till you hit it and your voice will naturally broke. But if you have already long passed puberty and still sounds like a 9 year old, then that is when you can start trying to do something about it.

Get a more masculine voice with the tips in the deep voice mastery guide

As said above, there are many deep voice training program you can buy and download that will show you all the professional help you need to give you a more masculine voice tone. The “Deep Voice Mastery” is one of these programs and over the years have proven to be very effective in improving voice quality even for people with the squeakiest of voices! Do you want to discover some few, simple things you can do for just few minutes a day, for nine days that will give you a more masculine voice tone? If so, then you should take a look at this guide: Deep Voice Mastery

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