What’s More Attractive – A Guy With A Low Husky Voice Or A Guy With A High Pitched Voice?

What’s More Attractive – A Guy With A Low Husky Voice Or A Guy With A High Pitched Voice?

This is a question that usually puzzles so many people: is a guy with a low husky voice more attractive than a guy with a high pitched voice? To say the least, I think the answer to this question is pretty obvious. Deep voices have always proven to be very sexy and command far more respect than high-pitched voices. No doubt people all over the world have been trying different methods to naturally deepen their voice tone.

In a recent study, it was found out that women will turn to fall more for a guy if they have a good quality voice (deep strong and sexy) than they will fall for him if he had good and charming physical looks. This pretty much says it all: if your voice is deep, strong and sexy, women will generally fall for you and give you the attention you need. So there is really no doubt about the fact that A Guy with a Low Husky Voice will attract more admiration and attention than A Guy with a High Pitched Voice. But not everyone was born with a deep and attractive husky voice, so just how can someone get such a voice?

Well, if you want to get a deep strong and sexy husky voice, then there are some few things you can do. However if you have not yet reached puberty, then I advise that you be patience and your voice will naturally broke as you get older. But if you have already reached and passed puberty and your voice is still not sounding the way you want it to, then you can always use some deep voice training tips to transform it a little.

Things such as neck exercises, articulation, voice control, talking slowly, deep breathing exercises and many others will help improve your voice quality and make it deeper, stronger and really sexy. Also, relaxing and doing theatre exercises will help your voice quality too.

You can also get a voice coach to help you out with your deep voice needs. Though these voice coaches are very expensive, they might sometimes worth it. There are also deep voice training guides that sell online which you can buy and try out the techniques in them. Some of these guides have proven to have techniques that are really effective in transforming voice quality in a short amount of time.

A guy with a low husky voice is far more attractive and admired than a guy with a high pitched voice. So if your voice is high-pitched, you should do whatever you can to deepen it a little.

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